Kyusho Jitsu Level 2 Instructor Certification Course

Are You Looking to Teach Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Classes?

Now is the BEST TIME!


Dear Martial Arts Instructor

The world of teaching Kyusho Jitsu is very exciting. And so I am very please to announce our

Level Two Kyusho Instructors Certification Course.

This course is designed for anyone with Kyusho Jitsu / Pressure Points students who have now reached the Black Belt Level.

Officially this course is to take students from 1st to 2nd Dan Black Belt.

What will be included in this course:

  • Copy of Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Workbook
  • 12 alarm Points with EPS
  • Advanced Kata Breakdown
  • Advanced Cycle of Destruction
  • Advanced Yin and Yang
  • Advanced Kyusho Principles 6-10
    – Attack Using the 24 Hour Cycle
    – Attack Using Correct Stances
    – Attack Using Colour
    – Attack Using Sound
    – Attack using Emotions
  • Pressure Point Knockout Basics
  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques
  • Applications Upper Extremities with Push, Grab or Punch
  • Applications Lower Extremities with Push, Grab or Punch
  • Head Points
  • Marketing of the Course
  • Incredible SUPPORT!

And the best news is you keep everything from the study group you create for your students!

There are instructions and outlines in the course also on how to best host an advanced kyusho study group. When it comes time to test your students you will do it at your dojo and send video to us for final approval on rank. Now you can charge whatever fee you like for grading  but we charge $100 per student to cover costs for those reviewing the video and the cost of certificates etc.

All for
ONLY $997
Now For a Limited Time
Until the Clock Runs Out!

02Days 00Hours 50Minutes 34Seconds

ONLY $97!

Or if you prefer to just use your
Credit Card and not PayPal use the link below!

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