Advanced No Touch Knockout Theories

Advanced No Touch Knockout Theories

Learn Advanced No Touch Knockouts

Learn Advanced No Touch Knockouts

One of the most, if not the most controversial topic in all of the martial arts.  The No Touch Knockout has people lined up in opposition to each other! However the majority is on the side of believing and seeing the potential in this eclectic part of the science of pressure point self defense called Kyusho Jitsu! [ShowSalesProof ID=3][/ShowSalesProof]

Thus far I have released an eBook and a video on the subject that covers all the basics! However now for the first time I am going to go into details on the advanced No Touch Knockouts principles!

So what kinds of things are going to be covered in this video?

  • Advanced Energy Project
  • Multiple Knockouts
  • Projecting Through Obstancles
  • Using outside Chi to achieve knockouts
  • Adding other principles to achieve knockouts
  • Visual Knockouts
  • Sound Redirection Knockouts
  • Targeted attacks
  • And much more!
Advanced No Touch Knockouts

This all new 3 video set is Online! Learn the secrets of mastering the Kyusho Jitsu No Touch Knockout! Below is a sample video of what you will learn! 

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Understanding Advanced No Touch Knockouts

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