​Alarm Point Workshop

Alarm Point Workshop

Alarm Point Workshop

What is an Alarm Point? This is a specific pressure point on the body that relates to a specific organ. So a strike to an Alarm Point will have a direct effect on the health of the organ itself and not just there meridian, which is a reason this information is so critical!

What happens when you strike an Alarm point?

  • You activate the associated meridian bi-laterally
  • You also activate the meridian struck on the side of the body hit
  • Plus you activate Triple Warmer bi-laterally

Back several years ago I did an advanced session for my students and this was recorded! This is a must have for all Kyusho Enthusiasts! This is a must have for anyone interested in advancing in Kyusho Jitsu Study! The study of Alarm Points  is the cornerstone to all advanced Kyusho Jitsu training. It helps to bring all the things you have learned previously into clear focus. This workshop covers the first set of “Alarm Points” on the front of the body.

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