Kata Interpretation

Kata Interpretation

Kata Interpretation
Kata Interpretation

Are you aware that Kata Interpretation is an critical part of all martial arts training? That is has ties directly to real self defense? Your Kata is a wealth of knowledge. Each movement has meaning, in fact it has several meanings depending on the type of attack.  Traditionally Kata has a Bunkai or interpretation, but you are usually TOLD what it means.

Now in our NEW Video series on Kata Interpretation I am going to teach you HOW to see the meaning, how it all lines up with Kyusho Jitsu,, the pressure point art and science.

Watch this 10 minute video for a detailed explaination and example!

Release Date is October 20th 2017!

The series will sell for $37 once it released! But right now you can PRE-Order this amazing new series for ONLY $17.00! This will save you $40 off the regular price! Don’t miss out on this price! Plus as a bonus I am including my older series of video’s on Kata Interpretation absolutely FREE!

This is a $19.97 BONUS for pre-ordering, which is downloadable immediately!

Pre-Order Your Copy Today Before the Offer is GONE!

ONLY $17!!!


You will not want to miss this one!

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