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Kyusho Essentials Chart

Kyusho Essentials

Kyusho Essentials Chart

Kyusho Essentials Chart

Organizing Your Kyusho Study is a Challenge! But now everything you need in ONE PLACE with our Kyusho Essentials Chart.

I spend countless hours over the years organizing all the materials I have studied in Kyusho Jitsu. The result is 3 major eBooks and many, many different video courses. This chart is a huge help in all Kyusho Study.

But this is one of my favorites!

The Kyusho Jitsu Essential Chart!


Everything tall in one place! This is a 2 page PDF you print double-sided on one sheet of paper and have laminated. it gives you all the information you need about each Amerindian on the body. The back (not shown) is meridian routes on the body!

I print this chart and sell it to my students for $20. But right now for a limited time you guy can get it right here for

ONLY $5!

After purchase you will receive an email with logon information for this site. If you already have purchased here, then you have the logon information and you can return here for download

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