Kyusho Home Study Course
1st Dan Black Belt

The Science of Pressure Point Self Defense

Kyusho Home Study Course

What is the Kyusho Home Study Course? Hello, my name is Art Mason. I have been studying Martial Arts since 1984 and I am the founder of Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute. After many years of training and hard work, I began to realize many things in my own art form just weren’t adding upTechniques that should work, didn’t. I had more questions about moves in my systems Kata’s and patterns than I did answers. The answers I had where usually almost laughable at best, they seemed to be given to me almost to avoid the question.

That’s when I started looking other places for answers. We have a huge world filled with Martial Artists, someone had to know the answers. I searched all over Canada and the U.S to try and find these rumored “secrets” that the old world Martial Arts Masters had hidden and never taught except to a few selected close friends and family. And if you’re anything like me… you want to know them too!

Kyusho Home Study Course 

1st Dan Black Belt

Now I know what you’re thinking… “I’ve looked, and I’ve found nothing. And when I finally think I found something it turns out to be shady or sometimes even fake!” I also had this problem. Many of the so called “Masters of Martial Arts” where liars and cheats, only after a quick buck or someone to worship them.

But finally after years of looking for these mysterious secrets I finally found my answer…. “Kyusho Jitsu” which means quite literally “One Second Fighting”. Odds are if you’re reading this letter you’ve heard of it or some other kind of system, such as “Dim Mak”. Let me tell you, for as many incredibly talented people that practice “Kyusho” there are a great number of them who really don’t know much about Kyusho Jitsu and others who just make it up as they go along. Often “Kyusho Jitsu” is met with severe skepticism and often viewed as being nothing but showmanship, however kyusho Jitsu is based in science and practical applications, often using ancient Asian medical references to make for easy association and learning.

What is Kyusho Jitsu?

Let’s talk about what “Kyusho Jitsu” really is. Kyusho simply is the study of the human body and it’s nervous system. By studying this system you can take any of the techniques and Kata in your system and make them incredibly effective, easy to apply and devastating for anyone and everyone! You will begin to learn how to interpret each and every move and discover there is absolutely NO WASTED Movements, each and every move has incredible power and significant meaning… even the formal beginnings

How does it all work?

The pressure point art and science of Kyusho Jitsu teaches you how to disrupt a person’s nervous system, allowing you to perform various techniques and maneuvers with ease. Techniques like joint locks, arm bars and throws are done by temporarily shutting off various joints or by effecting specific nerves in the body to make them more painful and easier to manipulate. This allows you to quickly disable and subdue any attacker or classroom partner.

But that’s not all… for striking arts it works just as well. You will learn not only where to hit, but how to hit it. Making each strike an incredibly devastating blow while only using minimal force and incredible speed! So that even the smallest of practitioners can defend herself with amazing efficiency.

 You will be able to...


Perform previously challenging techniques and self defense skills with amazing ability and easy… even on the biggest and gruesome attacker or difficult classroom partner.

Become Ageless

With the addition of the science of pressure point self defense to your root art you become ageless. You will be able to keep up with the younger students!

Size won't Matter

With this knowledge physical size will no longer be an issue! This is the way the martial arts is supposed to be and once was!


Discover the secrets hidden within your own Kata and how they actually do apply to self defense! 

Pressure Points

Where and how to strike targets we call pressure points on the arms and legs to take down any attacker regardless of size. 


Discover how the neurological systems of the body, also called Meridians function and how to disrupt them effectly


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Kyusho Jitsu Home Study Course 

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